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Circle Lord Update

Circle Lord Michael was kind enough to send me a new stylus pin that was shorter from the holding pin to the knob. This helped a great deal; yet, I still had trouble with it hitting the take up bar and falling into a grove while moving the machine on the freehand side.I had my brother move the holding pin up closer to the knob.

I also had him put a small groove in the piece the stylus fits into.  This is a resting spot (up position) for the stylus pin.  For when I’m working without the giant templates to do freehand work.  I often do a combination of panto and freehand on quilts.

Now the stylus is PERFECT!! I can work with the templates and do freehand work all at the same time. No more going across the quilt with the templates then rolling back to the beginning to do the freehand.

The stylus pin can be raised to the up position and will stay put in the groove. It sits perfectly above the template groves yet still moves easily under the take up bar while the bar is in the best position for freehanding.

I finally got the table set up to perfectly go from one type of quilting to the next without alot of hassle.

Ok, here is the reason I wanted everything to work together easily.  I can work with a Circle Lord panto template to work on the center and raise the stylus pen for working on the side borders freehand before advancing the quilt.





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