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Here are today’s finishes…. The countdown is 24.

Blogger is still not letting me reposition the photos. One is a clothing quilt from the 5 I am making and the other is a topper’s quilt I put on the machine Saturday. See how heavily it is quilted? It took 3 days to finish.

I always feel as if there is a race going on between me, my waiting list, and time. Time always moves fastest with the waiting list a fast second. Me….I’m left way behind. Today I feel as if I’m catching up to them again. Maybe it’s just that I am a little more relaxed today. My 24 year old grandson is on his way home to Alaska. I love him dearly but his being here has been very stressful.

Now that he is not occupying the fabric storage room; I can get in there to sort through for what I might use in my guild challenge quilt or one of the charity quilts I’ve committed to creating. Or maybe I will have time to quilt one for the fair. We shall see…. First, I have to make phone calls to the next few people on the waiting list.

I know the toppers in the quilt world wonder why the waiting lists of machine quilters are so long. I’ve even read on the internet the anger over it taking as long as a year to get a top quilted.

I’ve thought about it and thought about it for many years but have yet to come up with a really good way for predicting how many names to put onto my waiting list each month. If I over book I’m continually stressed about staying ahead of the work and want to quit. If I put too few names on the list then I worry about paying the bills on time. Maybe while I am taking my vacation from quilting I will come up with a solution.



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  1. EileenKNY
    July 10, 2007

    Anita,How many quilts do you schedule each month? Depending on what else is going on in my life, I start with 8 and work up from there.

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