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I don’t have any finished pictures today. The one on the machine is going to take me three or four days to finish because I have to be gone this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog! It gives me a really good feeling to know I am helping someone.

There were some readers who may have misunderstood what I was explaining in my post yesterday. I do belong to a couple of online groups. I love that I can get on the computer and ask for advice and immediately get several different answers to consider. I love the camaraderie of belonging to a group! I also visit blog rings and websites. It’s just that I limit my computer time when I have deadlines to meet.

I’m not a member of quilt mavericks but I read their blogs every so often. I know when someone is feeling sad or happy or overwhelmed or relaxed. I know that Judy’s book is the #1 seller on Amazon and that Bonnie is going on a road trip. But I also know that one person hauled out a 30 year old furnace from her basement and another person saw lots of butterflies in a field. I know one person took her daughter to Baltimore for a birthday and a shop owner is making strip quilts.

I’m not a member of the artful quilters’ blog ring but I feel as if I know them like next door neighbors. One person just moved from the big city to a rural home in Tennessee. One person lives near me and belongs to the same art guild here in Louisville. (I gotta introduce myself to her at one of the LAFTA meetings.) Another member goes to the same Waterfront Wednesday that I do.

What I was trying to do yesterday was to get others to THINK about the time they spend on the computer IF they are having a hard time keeping up with machine quilting scheduling. The big name quilters get off the computer when they want to accomplish something, why couldn’t we do the same?

Ok, time for me to get started today. I’m hoping to read more about starting a blog ring. I have read some of the instructions and it doesn’t seem so hard. I want to read more to be sure I can handle it before committing to starting it. I’m not that computer literate ya know….I muddle through as best I can.



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