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My Boring Posts

Without pictures my posts don’t seem to draw my attention. I post but it isn’t something I look forward to regularly. I need my glasses much more than I need a camera.

I have been really busy. I’m finishing a customer quilt every couple of days. The money I earn through the Christmas season will help me through next year. I’ve made several phone calls to get as many of the Christmas quilts brought to me as I can. With the tops here already I can work non-stop straight through the holidays.

Summer is when people think about outdoor activities instead of quilts. Yard work and vacations are more important than creating quilts. The weather is cool this morning which will remind people to get those quilt ufo’s out and finished. Machine quilters can expect several phone calls in the next month from people wanting their tops quilted before the holiday.

There is a lady coming by Thursday to talk to me about the business of machine quilting. She is considering buying a machine and becoming a machine quilter. Talking to me is part of her researching the market. I do love it when I can tell newbies about the business of machine quilting. All too often a person believes buying a machine automatically means they will earn lots of money quilting for others right away.

It’s my hope I can explain that buying a machine does not automatically make them a machine quilter any more than buying a domestic machine will make them a tailor. Or buying a piano will automatically make them a concert pianist. There will be lots and lots of practice and learning required. Also, there has to be a desire too. Without the desire to learn there can’t be a talent. Unless, of course, there is a natural talent already there like in a prodigy.

Ok, I can’t think of anymore to say right now. I’m going to read some blogs before starting my day’s work.



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