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Constant battle with tensions

Over and over I read of people with quilting machines having trouble getting really good stitches. There is flat lining, loopies, eyelashes, railroad tracks, pokies, snapping, fraying, lint build up, and all manors of problems. It’s a constant battle for me too. So why is this???

I mean really, these are supposed to be industrial machines. We pay thousands of dollars for them. Yet, we have this constant battle getting a really good stitch. We get the same problems no matter what brand machine we own.
I can’t help but wonder if the bedding manufacturing companies have the same battle with their machines? Do you think a bedding manufacturer is allowing such down time while the person running the machines tries to figure out where the problem is with the tensions? Do comforters or bedspreads show up in stores with pokies or eyelashes or railroad tracks? Does pre-quilted fabric show up in fabric stores with these problems?
I guess you can tell I’ve been having tension problems because of my ranting. I bought the TOWA gauge which is no help. More wasted money on a dust catcher item. I did solve the problem by thoroughly cleaning and oiling everything. I even took apart and cleaned the bobbin case. For now, it seems to be giving me a decent stitch again. I’ve put cleaning and oiling the machine on my calendar as a regular scheduled maintenance. Maybe if I have it scheduled I can prevent tension problems happening quite so often.
I went to a LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists) meeting last Thursday. One of the nice ladies, Marilyn, went with me. We were ‘supposed’ to meet at my house so I could ride with her. My mother had been taken to the hospital earlier in the day because her sugar count was out of whack. She had sneaked and eaten some candy that she is not supposed to have. When a diabetic gets their sugar out of whack, it’s kind of like they are drunk. My mother is also very combative when this happens. So I spent most of the afternoon signing papers and making sure Mom doesn’t hurt someone or herself while they work to get her sugar under control.
I didn’t realize how much time had gone by until about 5 pm when I realize I should be at home waiting for Marilyn to pick me up for the LAFTA meeting. I don’t have Marilyn’s phone number with me to call her. There wasn’t enough time to catch a bus home. So all I could do was go on to the meeting and hope she met me there. I tell the nurses that I have to leave, tell them I will check with them by phone later, and leave. Thank goodness when Marilyn realizes I’m not home she goes on to the meeting. I’m there waiting and very apologetic. I keep getting myself into these embarrassing situations! Yes, I know, it couldn’t be helped. None the less it is embarrassing for me when something like this happens.
I had planned to explain to the LAFTA group why I hadn’t been to a meeting for over a year but changed my mind. When standing in front of the group I realized no one there would have cared any way. So I just showed a couple of pieces of my work and sat down. I think it will be hard for me to get back into the routine of attending the meetings after such a long time away.
Hmm…I think I hear my quilting machine calling my name. It must be time for my work day to begin.


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