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This is today’s finished quilt. I used the circle lord square dance templates. There is a flame design on the border. I used the flame because the bright orange made me think flaming hot. In person the oranges are extremely bright. They almost hurt your eyes to look at it.

I was asked why I thought it sometimes seems easier to reorganize during a busy season. In my opinion it’s because we can see the “thing that isn’t working” during it’s heaviest use. Our natural instinct is to “fix it” when we see the solution right in front of us. For me, it’s very hard not to just stop everything to fix what isn’t working. . I constantly have to remind myself — the customer’s quilts come first, reorganize or improve later. Which is why I make lots of notes for things to work on after the rush is over. I don’t want to forget my thoughts about the solutions.

If you notice, my blog entries become much shorter when I’m busy with Christmas quilts. Internet time — my downfall. I could sit at the computer for hours and hours reading blogs and looking at eye candy; but, that won’t get the quilts finished. I hear a customer’s quilt calling my name already this morning. I’ll just look at a few of the web ring blogs then get to work.


One comment on “More about organizing

  1. EileenKNY
    October 3, 2007

    Hi Anita,Orange is becoming my new favorite color. I really like what you did on this quilt.At least you’re thinking about improving/reorganizing. I’m so disorganized that it won’t even make a difference!

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