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Me days

Being a full time professional quilter doesn’t often leave days for just relaxing. We worry constantly about keeping ahead of the waiting list. Every now and then we have to take a ‘me day’ to do something for ourselves. It rejuvenates us in the same way that water rejuvenates plants. Very often I take a ‘me day’ for creating a quilt. It will be a charity quilt or a family member quilt or even a contest quilt. But….

Sometimes a “me day” has to be for something other than creating quilts. The furkids went to the groomer yesterday. They were supposed to see the vet too but the groomer didn’t finish with them in time to get their shots which is in the same place. Go figure. I have to find another vet! This is the second time this month I’ve set up appointments to get their shots but the groomer doesn’t get them done in time. The vet won’t give shots without a bath first.

Anyway, I took the time to put away all the stuff that had accumulated on the kitchen table. It was just clutter of stuff I didn’t take the time to put away and it continued to pile up. It was mostly papers that needed dealing with, some books, and fabrics. There was also some packages I needed to get ready for UPS pickup. Those will be picked up today.

Then I checked on my plants. After removing all the dead leaves there is still life left in them. I’ve had to cut them back to almost nothing before. Actually I’ve done it several times over the last 25 or so years I’ve had these. When they get root bound its time to cut back and re pot. I put potting soil and new pots on my shopping list.

I next sorted through my books. I sent 30 of them off to the library as donations. Of course I had to look through them once more before giving them up. Most were published in the 60s or 70s.

Then it was time for some survival cooking. If I don’t eat I won’t survive. When I cook I try to make enough to last me two days. Two lunches and two suppers. This time it was spaghetti. Nothing fancy about it but I will not go hungry and its not cereal or peanut butter. I just take one of these out of the fridge and pop into the microwave.

So of course spaghetti needs garlic bread to go with it. The garlic spread is made with smart beat butter and mrs. dash garlic blend. It did get a little too brown around the edges but that’s ok.

What about other household chores? Well other than the floors and piled up donations the chores get done daily. Dishes get washed, laundry gets done, bills get paid, beds get changed, bathroom gets cleaned, etc. on a regular basis. There’s not a lot of dirt accumulation when most of the time I’m the only one around to get it dirty. How much dirt can one lil’ ol’ senior citizen create anyway? My next ‘me day’ will probably be for cutting the vines off the porch and more fabric donation sorting.


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