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Ideas keep coming

This is today’s finished quilt. It’s an inherited vintage quilt. Handmade from shirts and skirts. I quilted it as square as I could.

I used the fan template.

After finishing that one I worked on piecing this quilt. I’m using up some pieces left over from other quilt projects. It will be going to the nursing home. The colors don’t have to be right….the quilt only needs to be warm.

I also worked on some string piecing of a spider web quilt. The pattern is a Bonnie Hunter pattern which caught my eye. I knew I had always wanted to make a spider web string quilt and her directions came along at the right time for making it.

When I work on the machine or when I work on piecing; my thoughts are going in all directions. I think about quilts I want to make. I think about designs I want to do with the machine.

My problem is I can’t work fast enough! I want to be able to work at the “speed of thought”! What do I mean? Well, I want to be able to work as fast as my mind can conceive a new idea. The trouble is….I can only work at the speed of my hands and my machines, not as fast as my thoughts.

Its a good thing I have a sketch book and a to do list; otherwise, the ideas will just get lost as new ideas come into my mind. There are ways I could speed up my work but they are costly and absolutely beyond my budget. I will dream of those changes while I continue to work at my own pace. Who knows, maybe I will win the lottery…..yeah, right….


One comment on “Ideas keep coming

  1. Silverthimble
    November 9, 2007

    I have been enjoying seeing the quilts you finish each day for customers. I too have a long arm so I really appreciate the comment, “I quilted it as squaare as I could”. I can totally relate to that comment! I too would love to be able to work at the speed of thought! I have a notebook that I past pictures from the internet, and magazines for future inspiration. I sure don’t want to loose track of those ideas!

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