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Neckties for future projects

Today’s finished quilt.

It got waves quilting because that’s what the customer wanted on it.

When that was finished I worked on these. I stabilized and cut out t-shirts for a custom quilt.

While I had the pressing machine out and heated up I took the time to open and press some neckties.

I do use neckties for quilts. I have bunches and bunches of them! Given to me by the fabric fairies at one time or another. The only reason I haven’t used neckties lately is because they weren’t prepared for use. Opening ties and pressing them takes LOTS of time. I’ve gotten myself into the habit of opening and pressing a few each time I use the pressing machine so it doesn’t become a long boring task.

I think the next necktie quilt will be a 9 patch quilt. Or maybe another spiderweb quilt. Ooo, maybe a dresdan plate quilt. I’ve been wanting to make another one of those. Wouldn’t it look nice made from neckties? Hmm…what background? Maybe I can use the shirt sleeve parts I have stashed away. Yes, I do think it will be those. After all shirts and ties go together when worn, why not in a quilt together.

But……that’s for a future project. I’ll make myself a note in my to do list. It will probably become a quilt kit when I start making those after Christmas.


2 comments on “Neckties for future projects

  1. woof nanny
    May 13, 2008

    I started a blog about sewing with neckties. I also have a pool of photographs of projects made from ties on blog:

  2. Alycia
    November 11, 2007

    I have so enjoyed looking at all your quilts. I love the quilting you do! Wonderful job. I wish I knew how to keep people on schedule too… when you get it figured out you could write a book – smile –

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