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Seven steps of fate???

Here is today’s finished quilt.

It has a pieced back too.

This is a close up of the quilting. The fabric is all about cats but I didn’t have a cat design that would work really well and the customer didn’t want paw print meandering.

The rest of this post may get a little lengthy as I explain the seven steps of fate.

A couple of days ago I had made up my mind to not enter any juried contests anymore. I was content with the decision. I know I can still create quilts and art without entering contests. One of the contests I had decided not to enter was MQX because it had gone to being a juried show.

I wasn’t discouraged about my work. I was simply understanding that taking full shot photos of a finished quilt is impossible for me. I don’t have the space or the set up for taking photos. I don’t know enough about using my camera or about the best way to take pictures. I don’t know how to make my old computer transfer images to disk either…. even with a new cd burner installed on it.

Yes, I do a fair job of putting photos on webshots or in my journals but its not the same as what is required for entering juried contests. I don’t have the money in my budget either for paying a professional photographer like some are doing.

I think fate is telling me to think again about my decision. A series of events have taken place the last couple of days which cause me to believe I should give it one more try with MQX.

First – I get an email from LAFTA (the local textile artists group I belong to). They have a class next month on taking digital photos for entering contests and transferring them to disk. It’s at a college campus close to my house instead of way out at the edge of the county somewhere. I can get there by bus in a few minutes instead of a couple of hours. The class also fits into my budget nicely because its free. I thought to myself….what the heck…I can always use more knowledge….so I signed up.

Second – this arrived in the mail. I had completely forgotten about it. What is it?

Its the challenge fabric for the MQX Petpouri this year. Most of my customers already know that my favorite charities are ones that help animals. I’ve been donating quilts (in this area) for a few years. Receiving this fabric really tugged at my heart.

Third – This also arrived in the mail. Its the new issue of American Quilter. The magazine you get by being a member of AQS. In it were our guild challenge photos for getting second place this past August at the Nashville Show. Now really! You think I care about getting into a small local art contest when I can see my quilt in this?

Fourth – as I sat to take a closer look at the challenge fabric a design popped right into my head. Usually I have to think and contemplate a few days before a design takes form. Not this time. It was all right there in my mind.

Fifth – as I was cleaning up the catch all corner of my studio, the tripod for my camera kind of lept out at me. It had been buried beneath some stash fabrics and books for a couple of months.

Sixth – I started doubting myself. I thought…Gee, I don’t have enough time for starting another quilt right now. There are the Christmas quilts to finish. The organizing to do. The vacation. The other quilts I’m already committed to doing. I simply don’t have the time. I take a look at the MQX booklet, the deadline for entering isn’t until March 1st. In the life of a professional quilter that’s plenty of time. Then I get a phone call from a customer. She has not been able to finish her 4 quilts. Can I please move her name to the end of the waiting list? Gee, that’s 4 to 6 extra days of time.

So I go back to cleaning the catch all corner.

Seventh – And what happened? In my effort to clean up the corner, out popped the perfect fabrics to put with the challenge quilt fabrics.

Ok, is there any doubt now? I’ve had every obstacle to creating one more contest quilt taken away. I simply must at least try. Now if only I can keep my design a secret until after the deadline for entering….hmm….


2 comments on “Seven steps of fate???

  1. EileenKNY
    November 21, 2007

    Oh yeah I forgot to say-go for it, girl!!!!!!! That many hints can’t be ignored. Things happen for a reason, so you have to do this.

  2. EileenKNY
    November 21, 2007

    Anita,How the heck do you finish a quilt a day? You have the same 24 hours as me, right?I love what you do with the CL templates!!

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