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Why is that?

Why is it that toothaches always happen on the weekend when you can’t get to a dentist….. but on Monday morning….. when you can get there….. the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore? Hopefully I can get to the dentist today instead of Monday.

I have this one on the machine. It’s a me quilt from way, way, way back. I think sometime in the 60’s from the tag on the bag it came in. The kit cost $3 back then. Two side pieces with the scallop edges were lost long ago. It will have two sides scalloped and two sides straight.

I’m following the original pre marked quilting design lines. I don’t believe the markings will wash out of the top. I’ll give it a try though. Had I thought of it before I started…. I could have used blue thread to match the marking lines. At least they wouldn’t have been so visible.

I’m using wool batting in this one. I’ve not used wool before…. I like it! It costs more but gives a really nice look to the quilting designs.

This is the remains of the bag and kit it came from. The binding is 1 inch folded bias tape. It finishes at 1/4 inch. Should be interesting to try putting it on. I haven’t used narrow binding or done hand binding in years.

This one will be the next one on the machine. I finally got it all stitched together. I made several discoveries while doing this one. Now I can hardly wait to start another pictorial quilt.

I made some phone calls yesterday to those on my waiting list. Then a customer came over so I didn’t get finished calling people. She stayed a long time.

Ok, this tooth is really hurting now…. time for pain meds.


2 comments on “Why is that?

  1. Karen (Misiz C)
    January 4, 2008

    Glad to hear you like the wool. I’ve been planning to try it on a couple of me quilts…once the piecing is done.Hope you get relief from your tooth pain soon…I can empathize.

  2. jhwolf
    January 4, 2008

    Anita:I hope the tooth feels better soon. I know what you are going through. I finally had one pulled right after Thanksgiving after spending 3 years fighting with it. The relief was immediate and I have felt so much better since.I’ve not started on my organizing yet but hopefully will get to it next week. Cold weather has required ponds to be broken and I’m making some valances for grandkids who got new quilts for Christmas. As usual, life gets in the way of things.I wish you were close so I could see if you want any of these scraps I’m going to throw away. But, it looks like you have plenty to work with for a while.Love your new quilt, it looks beautiful.Happy quilting!Judy in MO

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