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Organizing on hold

Realistic scheduling? Sometimes that flies right out the window! I’ve got too much on my plate… or should I say…. too much in my time box. All of it unplanned and unscheduled.

I received some messages from friends wondering where I’ve been lately. Thank you to everyone for caring about me. It never occurred to me that people only read one of my blogs until I got the messages. I’ve been posting to my almost daily journal…. link is on the side bar of this blog. If you don’t see a post here….. check the other one, that’s where I most likely have posted.

So what have I been up to? Well let’s see….

I’ve been concentrating on difficult quilts and contest quilts to get them finished before my daughter’s baby arrives. I’ve removed the border on the finished quilt and changed this quilt…..

to this…. see the new border…. it only took me 3 full 12 hour days…. This was unplanned and unscheduled! I had extra work put into my time box by the customer because she was unhappy with the border.

Then I finished this one that just barely fit onto the machine. It took me 4 whole 12 hour days to quilt it. Also…. unplanned and unscheduled. I never know what size a quilt will be until it actually arrives.

The contest quilts I can’t show pictures of just yet. Guild rules are that I can’t show pictures until March. As anyone who has entered a contest before knows…… it takes a great deal of concentration to get them right. The deadlines are fast approaching! Those have taken some of my 12 hour days. Picking out and doing over so it is good enough for a contest is never planned or scheduled.

I’ve had to put my organizing on hold until I get these projects out of the way. But…. I do have one room almost empty and ready for painting. I plan to make it into another sewing room. It will be after the baby arrives before I can get to the store to buy the paint. I don’t want to be out riding a bus (and out of touch) when she goes into labor. The other grandparents live only a few blocks from me so I will be riding with them to the hospital.

These unplanned and unscheduled work projects have put me really, really behind on my waiting list. I will be switching to 14 or 16 hour days. Geeze…. this is how it is during the Christmas rush…. it’s not supposed to happen in February. No wonder friends wonder why I don’t leave home often…..



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