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Feeling better

Ok, I feel better today. I ranted and raved to myself for awhile then got back to work.

An online friend has the Statler computerized Gammill machine. He had put a quilt on his machine about the same time and size as the one I was working on. It was the very large one that barely fit onto my machine of a few days ago. His took about 4 hours to quilt but mine took me 4 twelve hour days. (48 hours)

I sit and dream of the possibilities of owning that upgrade! How I could draw designs then let the machine do the work. But….. I have to keep myself content to work the long hours with little personal life. Gee… it sounds like I’m still complaining doesn’t it? Not really, I’m just dreaming and wishing. Dreams and wishes don’t always come true although they do keep life interesting.

So now I have to do something about my waiting list. Several, very large, multiple day, custom quilts in a row along with removing a border to do over has me about a month behind schedule. The only way to get caught up is to just get in there and keep working away.


This entry was posted on February 4, 2008 by in Being a professional quilter, QUILTS - AS A BUSINESS.

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