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Pillow cover

I didn’t get away from home over the weekend as I had planned. So, I worked instead. I’m trying to get caught up on the back log of work. I finished this pillow cover made with the vintage square. It’s on it’s way to the owner. Pillow covers often take as much time to do as larger quilts.

A close up of the corners.

A close up of the plate.

A close up of the center. The pencil marks can be removed with an art gum eraser. It takes a bit of work though.

Then I finished this quilt.

A close up of the border. Thank goodness this customer really likes for me to practice on her tops. She likes my work because it isn’t perfect. She calls the mistakes…. “character and individuality”. When I want to practice my backtracking I will use a color thread on a white area to be able to see where I need improvement. Practice makes perfect….. I still need a lot of practice.

A close up of the flower design in these blocks.

A close up of the other design in the alternate blocks.

A couple of views from the back

Another view from the back.

The flower from the back.

I have another top to finish for this customer. It’s on the machine ready for me to work on it today.

Over the weekend I spent some time catching up with what’s been going on in the quilter blog ring. I always enjoy seeing what the other members are up to even when I don’t comment. It lets me know that I’m only one of many with the same happenings.

I also spent a little time drooling while looking at the work of other quilters. Eye candy is always inspiring to me. I will not copy the work of others…. but only become inspired by what is possible. After only one hour of drooling I can go to my machine with all kinds of inspiration to create! Sometimes with piecing and sometimes with stitching. That’s the main reason I put so many pictures of my work on my blog…. to inspire others to create. So enjoy the pictures and comment when you can. (be sure to turn on your comment reply if you want an answer)


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