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Lone star quilt

Today’s finished quilt. It’s a lone star quilt. Plenty of places to do nice quilting. A quilt with lots of straight lines needs curves in the quilting to balance it.

A freehand formal feather design in the triangle. I used a piece of cardboard to cut out templates to mark the ovals first then just did a feather to fill the space.

The freehand formal feathers on the outside border is to carry the theme from the triangles. This is a view from the back.

This is a view of the formal feather from the front.

I had been looking for just the right place to use this stencil design. I’ve had it for about 4 years just waiting for the right quilt to put it on.

The baby won’t be here today so this means I have some time to work on other things. I’m hoping to get some painting and organizing done.

I also need to gather my thoughts together for the machine quilting demonstration I’m doing this weekend at the Happy Heart quilt shop. I really hope there is a big crowd for this one. I plan to talk for a little while about the different machines available today. Even the shop owner is interested in upgrading to a better machine. Most of the machines are very affordable. Is it possible I’m planning to talk myself out of a job? NAW…. there will be plenty of work for me.

Why do I feel that way? Think about it…. back when almost all households had sewing machines and women made almost all the clothing for the family…. there were still dressmakers and tailors with plenty of work to do. I need to keep myself as the specialized machine quilter and quilt maker so that work will continue to come my way. Like the dressmakers and tailors of yesteryear.


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