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Getting some quilts done

An issue quilt on the machine.

Plenty of fullness…. and loose threads….

Also has very friendly borders….. this one waves at me plenty… A tuck here and there helps.

An open design tames much of the fullness….

Can’t stitch in the ditch when I can’t find the ditch…. serpentine lines help stabilize it so a design can be done in the blocks….

A quilt with issues benefits from a really nice design…. the owner will be so busy looking at the roses she won’t even notice the fullness anymore… besides, this quilt is for a special grandchild…. the owner’s grand-daughter…. Victoria Rose.

And here it is…. as flat as I could make it… time and a few washings will flatten more of it. Pat myself on the back… no wonder they call me the quilt fix all fairy… (wink, wink, smile)

The next one to be quilted…. a quilt by an appliqué artist.

Woodgrain design on the frame…

Couldn’t quilt on the arms or legs… it’s padded… but I could contour the dress.

And the glass just seemed to need close diagonal lines to indicate it was solid.

Then on to this quilt….

Cross hatching in the center…..

Fish on the outside border to go with the fish in some of the fabrics…

Next was this one….

It was full of flower fabrics so flowers were the design in the blocks and the inside border….

More flowers on the border….. this time it gets a leaf vine instead.

A view of the leaf vine from the back.

And finally…. I worked on these…. I’m supposed to have these wall hangings finished by the 10th of April. They are supposed to be in a gift shop before the Derby season starts. I hope I manage to finish in time…. if not…. oh well, its a head start on next year.

So that’s what I did while I was without a computer….. when I’m not spending a few hours a day reading and typing…. I get more work done.



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