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Pink flower applique quilt

Here is the current finished quilt. It is a king size pre printed whole cloth with cross stitched roses on it. A man brought this to me to finish because he found it in his wife’s things after she passed away. He didn’t know she was making it before then.

I followed the dots for the design that was already printed there.

I like the design it has on it. I would have done a little more quilting on it but he wanted it just the way she planned to finish it. I couldn’t argue with that.

It has taken several days to finish it because its such a large quilt and I wanted to follow the dots as closely as I could.

I had intended to tell you about the man coming to work on my Gammill yesterday but instead I’ll tell you about something else.

I took a break from the quilting machine very early this morning. I went to get another cup of coffee and decided to check email. Yes, it was there. The MQX winners list was in my email. I tried to open the attachment and couldn’t. This dang computer couldn’t read the attachment.

I was very upset that I couldn’t see who won at the show so I decided to vent my frustrations by sending a post to my online friends on the shortcuts list. (That’s a list for smaller quilting machine owners) Anyway, I’m sitting there typing an email when my two dogs start running around and growling. They were very agitated. They do that when anyone is near the house or when one of those thumping vibrating cars go by.

I could feel a slight vibration in the house just like when one of those cars is near. Your gonna think I’m weird but….. I could also hear a sound in my ears like that of wind blowing across my ears or maybe ocean waves. That didn’t make since to me because I was in the house. I kept typing and the vibration got stronger. This is when I realized it wasn’t just a thumping car. It was an earthquake. I thought it was only a minor one because it was just a slight vibration so I hurriedly finished the email saying the house was shaking and it must be an earthquake. I hit the send button.

By this time the whole house was really shaking hard. I ran for the front door. I opened the door and stood in the doorway. The electric lines from the houses to the utility poles were swinging back and forth like jump ropes. It lasted only a few seconds but it was very scary!

I next grabbed the phone to call my daughter. I’ve always told her she could sleep through an earthquake and not even know it. When she finally….. sleepily….. answered I told her to wake up, we’ve had an earthquake. She needed to get up out of bed in case there are more tremors or after shocks. She needed to be ready to get outside with the baby. What did she say to me? Mom, are you tripping? We didn’t feel anything. See baby girl, Moma always told you how you sleep…. now get the heck up!! Turn on the tv and you will see I’m not tripping. I turn on my own tv. She brought the baby a little while later and we had a laugh about her sleeping through an earthquake.

As I’m typing this post this evening most of America knows about the earthquake that was centered about 150 miles from here. I got back on the computer only briefly this morning to tell my online friends I was ok. I spent the rest of the day in the studio. I did feel two after shocks later in the morning. Both times I grabbed the baby and went outside into the yard.

I did a walk around inspection of my house. I have a few cracks in places where there weren’t any before. Like at the bottom of my door frame.

And the ceiling of my front porch.

This is the worst one of the front porch cracks. I think there was only layers and layers of paint holding it together in the first place so no big deal.

This is my skylight window in the studio. The frame just came apart a little bit at the joins.

I had some knick knacks fall off the shelves and break. One was a ceramic piggy bank I had made for my daughter when she was born. I had planned to give it to her baby.

There are other minor cracks above inside door frames. Nothing major. There was only one damaged building here in Louisville. It lost some bricks. There were also a couple of chimneys that lost bricks in the West End near where I live.

I finally got a chance to look at the MQX winners list thanks to a good friend… Regina. I didn’t win. The only disappointment I feel is for the owner of a quilt that was entered. This was her first time entering and I sooooo hoped she could get a ribbon. Her piecing work is exceptionally good. Oh well….. this means I have 12 months to be ready to enter next year.


2 comments on “Pink flower applique quilt

  1. Bethany
    April 19, 2008

    The quilt is beautiful! I’m so glad he found it and had you quilt it. He will treasure it forever.I’m so glad you are okay.

  2. Becky
    April 18, 2008

    Wow, nothing like a little excitement to start your day huh! People here in Kansas City said they could feel it. We slept through it. Probably a good thing. I love the quilt you just finished. That’s the sweetest thing that the woman’s husband decided to have the quilt finished rather than giving it away or worse yet, throwing it away.

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