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I’ll get to today’s finished quilt in a minute. First I want to show you what I got in the mail yesterday. Normally my mail doesn’t get to me until sometime around 5:30 pm because I’m at the very end of the daily route. This time we had a substitute mail lady so this arrived just after 8 in the morning.

I’m so excited! It took every ounce of work discipline I had in me to keep working on a customer quilt for the whole day instead of stopping to read and to play with my new items. Its from Margaret Bucklew from Chiseled in She is a fantastic artist.

What’s making it worse for me is that I won’t even be able to play with these until sometime next week or the week after. I’m behind schedule with the customer quilts. I have deadlines I must meet. I will also be out of the studio for 6 days over the next couple of weeks too.

I’ve wanted to do portraits my whole life. When I was maybe 4 or 5 years old an artist drew my portrait. She used chalk on a brown paper bag. I was hooked! I wanted to do that too. I told everyone, from that day on, I was going to be an artist when I grew up and I was going to draw portraits. Time and life didn’t agree with my decision though. I got married and had a family. This is what girls were expected to do in my young days.

When I saw the first portrait in fabric a few years ago…. I knew there was still a chance I could do portraits. Maybe not with chalk but certainly I could do them with fabric. I’ve been on a mission to learn more ever since. I don’t want to copy the work of others who do fabric portraits. I want to learn the technique so I can develop my own art. This would be the same as taking an art class to learn from the teacher but going home to draw my own style.

There is still another glitch in my learning this technique…. my old computer. Its completely out of memory. Until I can afford another computer or at the very least more memory, I won’t be able to purchase the software needed to do the patterns. Without the software I still can’t do my own art….. Bummer!….. I will learn what I can anyway. I can still keep saying….. someday.

So here is today’s finished quilt. I’ll just let you look at the pictures and I will get back to the studio to work on those deadline quilts.


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