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Clothing quilt

I’ve been working hard on finishing this quilt. I just started the quilting. I hope to have it finished sometime today or tomorrow. I have some housework to get done today too.

This quilt started out like this. A pile of clothing cut apart. Yup…. you see right…. there is a terry cloth bathrobe in there next to the wool shirt and the uniform pants.

This is a memory quilt being made from the clothing of someone who passed away. It’s about the memory of the person rather than what should or should not be put into a quilt together. I find great satisfaction in creating these quilts for the family.

Then IT happened…..

I couldn’t help myself. I was so anxious. I wanted to play with my new toys to see if IT (the technique) actually worked for me. During my lunchtime break; I told myself I would just cut out a couple of the pieces from the kit in the package. That way I would have these ready to use when I had the time to finish. I kept telling myself not to start. Honestly, I did. Yet, IT kept calling out to me. Just cut a couple of pieces…. IT kept saying to me. So, loosing all my “keep working will power”, I gave in. Wrong thing to do! Before I knew it all the pieces were cut out.

After an extra long lunch break cutting out pieces I went back to working on the deadline quilt. During my evening meal break I kept hearing this little voice telling me…. you really should see if you cut out the pieces accurately. No, I said…. I can’t stop working on this quilt, it’s how I pay the bills. The voice said…. just take a minute or two to place a couple of pieces together so you will know if they fit. It’s break time… what harm can it do? I reasoned with my better judgment…. it can’t hurt to see if I cut the pieces accurately. It will only take a minute or two…. right? Wrong thing to do again!

Needless to say it was an extra long supper break. Before I realized what happened….. this is what I did….

Yes, yes, yes! This is the technique I’ve wanted to learn! Realism in fabric. Sitting to cut out the pieces was the wrong thing to do….. I’m so hopelessly hooked. My past art quilts pale in comparison to the quilts I see in my future. Yes, I could buy more kits from Margaret…. but that’s not what I want to do. I want to create compositions of my own using this technique. I want to create a combination of traditional piecing with realism. In my mind I can see me creating instead of just visiting textile art blogs and websites to drool.

I don’t know who the little girl is but she will continue to be hanging on my wall to admire. Ummm….. maybe not. Hanging on the will she will be constantly calling out to me to create…. no time for creating right now…. customer deadlines to meet…. it’s how I pay the bills.

Sigh…. I best get to work.



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