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Finished quilt

Today’s finished quilt. A sampler quilt.

Line dancing on the blocks to give it a continuous design from block to block. I guess you can tell I do line dancing a lot. It’s easy and it creates very nice block designs on the back when finished.

I did a flower and leaf design on the sashing and corner stones.

And another leaf design on the outside border. The reason there is an unquilted area in the border is because the customer will be cutting the corner off. The quilting should not appear to go beyond the binding so no quilting in the corner.

It was an interesting weekend for me. I took some time to locate my favorite websites and book mark them again. I also tried working with the Photoshop software. Geeze, it’s like trying to get a college degree in one afternoon when learning a new software. It’s gonna take a little longer than I thought to start working with it. I will put other things back onto the computer a little at a time. I think I will evaluate each thing first to determine if I still want to use it before using the memory.
I had Ladybug for Friday and Saturday while Mommie and Not the Mommie went to Indianapolis to get her half brother for a few days of visit.  He will be here for a month.
I spent time folding and ironing some washed fabrics while talking to Ladybug. She was fascinated by the fabrics. She gazed very intently as I moved the pieces around. Just from curiosity I gave her a bright colored piece she seem very interested in. I thought the first thing she would do is put it in her mouth like babies do but that wasn’t what she did.  She looked intensely at it and moved it around in her hands while looking at it from different directions. Yup, I think she is going to be a quilter!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 7, 2008

    On your new freezer, you might want to put some water in there and make some ice cubes and maybe freeze a block of ice to make sure it’s doing what it’s suppose to and keeping things frozen. BTW I love you quilting and thanks very much for showing it so well on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!Hugs, Roberta

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