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A sampler quilt

Today’s finished quilt. The pictures got loaded into blogger backwards but I’m not going to take the time for reloading….. which might give the same results. This is the quilt that took me about a week to finish.

So here are some photos from the back.



And now from the front. It’s a sampler quilt.

Two blocks were horses.

Sampler quilts get sampler type of quilting. No two blocks are the same.

A look at the borders and sashing.

I will try putting the webshots software back onto my computer this weekend. It will give me the opportunity to make some changes to the way I post pictures there. If I get that done then I can put more photos of this quilt into my webshots albums.

The reason I missed making a post yesterday was because just when I was ready to start posting my brother brought me this…. a flat screen 19 inch monitor. Aren’t brothers great! It took him a little while to change the card inside my computer to run it. By the time he had finished I was already working on another quilt and didn’t want to stop.

So now I’m left with these two monitors. These will sit here until junk day in August before I can get rid of them. We’re not allowed to set things out early and I don’t have a garage or shed to put them in until then. Is it any wonder that junk piles up in my house?

I thought I would show you this picture. The Happy Heart Group’s quilts were accepted into the Nashville Show again this year. This one is mine from the challenge.

I’ll be on the bus for the Wednesday trip to Nashville. I’m soooo anxious to see if we win this year. It would be fantastic if we could win a blue ribbon!

Well I could sit here and keep type-talking but there is another week long quilt on the machine telling me it’s time to get to work.




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