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Well its been a busy 3 day weekend for me. I like to include pictures in my blog so here are 3 of what I’m currently working on. Making a design work is always challenging when the seams don’t line up.

When the area to quilt is also very small it makes the design choice even more important.

With a little thought and creative machine movement the design works.

I hope to finish this quilt today and have more detail pictures tomorrow.

Over the weekend I finished the binding and sleeves on my fair entry quilts and watched the baby. I still have one fair entry to get quilted if I can. If it doesn’t get finished that will be 3 items I don’t enter. I love to enter the woven rug catagories but this year I just couldn’t get any rugs finished. Both of the rugs I wanted to enter are still on the frames waiting for me to get around to working on them.

Yesterday I was all set to have an energy audit done on my house. I sat and waited for the man to arrive. About 10 minutes late he calls to reschedule for next Monday. He’s feeling kinda poorly but will come if I really want him to. YES! by all means… reschedule!! Please don’t bring any sickness around me. I’ll catch it…… I catch everything…. and I don’t want it.

Well, that meant I could get onto the machine after all so I started that quilt. I’m so far behind on the work that any time I can put into quilting helps. With that said… I’m headed for the studio to get started.


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