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Paducah trip

I’m back from my trip to Nashville. We got back on time the same night. We didn’t get a ribbon on our guild challenge quilts but we are all determined to do better next time. A one day trip from here to Nashville and back is exhausing for me.

I saw lots of things I wanted to buy but stayed within my budget of $100. Going to quilt shows is very hard on will power. Sooo many new things to see and drool over. I was very tempted to buy some other items! I came home with only these things though. These cost me $95 and were things I planned to buy already.

I met up with my friend Sherry from SC and her new quilting friends. It was so good to see her again! I wish I had time to visit with her longer. I’m always sad when friends move away.

Yesterday I decided it was best I get back to work. I have this one on the machine. It’s another inherited vintage top. I put my absolute favorite vcr tape on machine quilting in the recorder for inspiration…..

and this happened. Now I’m really moaning the blues. This is the tape I watch more often than any other. I learned all the techniques on the tape long ago. It’s the things said on the tape that give me inspiration. It’s a Marcia Stevens tape and cannot be replaced because it was out of print long ago. Is that what one says about a vcr tape…. out of print?

If I knew of some place that repairs these and puts them onto disk I would pay to have it done. Boo hoo…. I’m gonna miss that tape!

When I started to work on the current quilt top; I set my mind to practice “quality” quilting for next year’s fair. I figured if I start practicing now; maybe by next year’s fair I’ll have quality practiced enough to win a ribbon. Then I wondered….. just what is “quality” quilting? Is it pantos? Is it freehand? Is it heirloom? Does quality mean expensive or can it be lower cost? Is quality quilting simply well done? Who’s idea of well done…. mine, the customer’s, or a fair judge’s?

Well dang! If I can’t define “quality quilting” how am I going to know if I’ve practiced enough and achieved it?



One comment on “Paducah trip

  1. Quiltin' LibraryLady
    August 22, 2008

    Don't toss it just yet. Google “repair video tape” and several places that repair tapes pop up. The thing is, once it's repaired you need to duplicate it & not use the repaired tape as it could damage your VCR video heads. It's not cheap, but if you love the tape & it's no longer available……………Good luck!!

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