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No power…. AGAIN!

Mother nature did it again! I woke up about 3 am like I always do. I fixed my coffee and sat down at the computer to type a blog entry and answer some emails. This is the quilt that’s on the machine. I took the picture the night before. It was all stabelized and ready for the design in the centers. Well anyway, I’m sitting ready to do a little computer stuff…

I hear a clap of thunder and the lights go out. Yesterday morning’s storm knocked the electricity out again. By the time the lights came on at about 9 am I felt it more important that I get quilting work done than sit at a computer.

A few days ago, I think it was last Saturday, I counted the number of items I need to quilt before xmas. By my calculations there was 62 left to do. I don’t have them all here yet. Some are still just names on the list and some will cancel. Some will be small enough I can put them on the machine two or three together and quilt them that way.

It will be a stretch for me to get them all done on time but its very do-able providing I stay at my machine and don’t go anywhere for the next few weeks. It happens this way every year. The final big xmas rush.

I will make phone calls to get as many items here as possible. I will put together a large batting order and call to get it sent on the way. Usually the freezer is stocked up and the cabinets have plenty of staples. This year the power outage has emptied the freezer. I’ll have to let my daughter get some meat and other frozen foods for me. She usually does all my shopping for me from September through December and doesn’t mind. My xmas shopping is done. I’m waiting for the wrapping paper to show up in the stores. I failed to get any at last years after xmas sales. My daughter will get that for me.

I’ve run out of time for any possiblity of doing my window quilts. Those will just have to wait until after all the xmas work is finished. Hopefully, the new insulation will be enough to keep my bills low for now. Whenever it gets done? I still have to wait for the insulation company to get to me. They have a number of other homes ahead of mine. I don’t mind the wait because the price is right for my budget and the company has a good reputation. They promised it would be before really cold weather gets here.

Over the next few weeks I will drink plenty of orange juice; I’ll stay away from anyone known to be sick; I’ll tell my neighbors I will see them in the spring; and I’ll grow semi-silent on the email lists. The hours of work will be from early morning till late evening. Ahhh…. the things we do for the love of quilting.



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