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This one is done

Today’s finished quilt. It’s a twin size.

I did a loose meander in the background and stitched around the hats to make them stand out.

A pretty bow in the corners.

Line dancing in the pieced stars. I’m showing it from the back because the thread doesn’t show up for the camera from the front.

Another view from the back.

Why is it that toothaches always happen on the weekend when there aren’t any dentists working??? Can 9 am Monday morning (today) get here soon enough??


I’ve been suffering with this since Saturday night. I called every dentist office in the phone book…. none have weekend hours. Right now my jaw is so swollen and tight that I can’t open my mouth more than a tiny bit. I’m wondering how they will give me a numming shot to pull the tooth if I can’t open my mouth? Or pull the tooth? I guess I will find out. I’m going to the dental school this morning. I plan to be standing there at the door when they open it. Hopefully somene will be late for their appointment and I can get worked right in.

I kept working on that quilt to keep my mind off the pain. I did take tylenol which helps dull the pain for awhile but it doesn’t go away. It seems that the more behind schedule I become…. the more things happen to get me even farther behind. I’m not sure I want to deal with this level of stress anymore. I do love my work. It fills a creative need and provides an income; but the constant stress causes all kinds of health issues. From viruses to infected teeth…. all of it is worse when a person is stressed. I’m wondering how I will manage to get through the rest of the rush season when so many things seem to be going wrong.

I’m glad the guild meeting was cancelled this weekend. I wouldn’t have felt like going.

One of my customers dropped off three quilt tops Saturday morning. She was out running errands and decided to stop by. She told me she was just getting over a virus. She had been in bed for the past 3 days but she felt well enough that morning to run errands and bring me her tops. She was caughing and sneezing. Awww geeze….. why didn’t she wait a few days? Or at least give me some warning so I could put on a mask? So once again I’ve been exposed to an illness. I’m sooo hoping I don’t get it too!! When I’m getting over an illness I wait at least 3 days before going around other people. I don’t want them to catch anything from me.

As I get older I seem to be going back to my childhood when I caught every illness that came around. I had every childhood disease…. from rheumatic fever to measels to whooping caugh… if it was going around…. I got it. My mother told me that I spent so much time in the hospital and took so many pennicillin shots that if anyone in white clothing came near me I screamed. Nurses and doctors wore all white back then. White meant pain.

Ok, I’ve got to go take some more tylenol. Maybe if I start quilting I won’t think about the pain so much. 4 more hours before the dentist’s doors open.

One comment on “This one is done

  1. jhwolf
    October 13, 2008

    Anita, I feel for you girl. I have had my share of abscessed teeth this last 2 years. My worst was the morning I was traveling to MQS. By the time I arrived in KC, it looked like I had a golf ball in my cheek. Needless to say, I spent the next 3 days trying to hide the ugly knot and redness caused by that tooth.Hope you get it taken care of.Judy in MO

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