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Lone star quilt

The quilt is finished. It’s a really big lone star quilt.

The borders got curling feathers.

The inside borders.

The inside borders again.
The corner squares.

The side triangles.

The star got feather fury because the customer wanted feathers on the star.

A look at the corner squares from the back.

The star and the triangle from the back.

Many people may know about product down sizing? It’s the packaging of products to appear to give you the same but is actually less product for the same price. Peanut butter now comes in jars with a dimple in the bottom to give 10 percent less. Cereal now comes with a few ounces less. Toilet paper comes with about 8 percent less paper. Shampoo and dish detergent contains about 15 percent more water. There are other examples if you just look around.

Yesterday a customer stopped at Arby’s to pick up roast beef sandwiches as a gift for me on her way to pick up her quilts. We don’t have an Arby’s in this area. Gifts of food are the best gift in my opinion.
Well this is just rediculous! My first thought was of the old Wendy’s commercial…… Where’s the beef?

The economy has just gotten way out of control. When the cost of oil was going through the roof we all knew the costs would be passed along to the customers. Why is it that the lower cost of oil has not been passed along to us? The cost of a barrel of oil was way down yesterday…. so why are we still paying as if it were still going through the roof?

I do expect to pay more for things simply because I know the manufacturing costs have gone up. The shortened versions of things are just not good marketing. This latest marketing device may backfire on Arbys. It may cost them some customers because people want to get what they believe is a roast beef sandwich…. not a little beef with their bread.
No way would I skimp like this with my customers! I’ve found that I’m barely covering business expenses these days but…… the customer gets exactly what they expect; not some scaled down version of quilting. No way would I put a batting in a quilt that’s a few inches short nor would I do half a border design in an effort to earn the same with less product. That would be plain rediculous!
The economy is going to get a lot worse in the days ahead. History tells us that. I’m going to stick with my ethics and keep giving quality quilting…. even if I just break even with expenses. For me it’s simply an ethical choice. Quality is much better than quantity at any time or with any economy.


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