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Three finished quilts

Well finally….. the Christmas quilts are finished. One customer brought me another gift of fruit. Isn’t it great! Most of it has been eaten already. I enjoyed every bite!!

Here’s the first finished quilt.

I did more hands on the hand strips.
And more feet on the feet strips.
A feathery design on the outside strips.

A leafy design on the inside strips.

The feathery design from the back.

The hands and leafy design from the back.

The next finished quilt.

A curling feather design on the outside border.

A leaf vine and a curling design on the inside borders.

Combinations of line dancing and leaf and flower designs on the blocks.

Another block.

Another block.

The next finished quilt.

A feather design on the outside border.

Another feather design on the inside border.

A leafy design on the sashing and corner stones.

Another view of the sashing and corner stones.

One of the blocks.

Another block.

And one more.

And another.

The border from the back.

Now that I’m finished for the year, I can turn my energy to finishing up the weatherization I didn’t get finished a few weeks ago. I will put up the rest of the plastic on the windows and possibly make a window quilt or two. Even with the new insulation this house always feels cold. Mostly because I have high ceilings which means the heat is up high and the windows don’t have covers on them. Next, I’ll sort and file the paper work for this year and start the paperwork for the new year.

One thing is for sure…. I don’t want to be this busy again! With so many life happenings this year I’ve been really stressed for weeks. The money just isn’t worth all that stress. I’d rather be broke than go through another year like I’ve had. My goal for next year is to work less and enjoy life more. Hmmm….. seems like I said something like that last December and the December before that and even the one before that. Maybe my goal should be to find a way (a golden key) to work less and enjoy life more while still making the customers happy and keeping the bills paid?

If I find the golden key to ending machine quilter stress…..I will be sure to tell the whole world. Until then I’m going to concentrate on more immediate tasks. I only have a few days when the chain that holds me to my machine is let loose ya’ no.

2 comments on “Three finished quilts

  1. kathi
    December 18, 2008

    The chain breaks when we allow it to break. Yes EVERY year we SAY we will LIVE OUR LIFE. and NOT get into this pickle again.. yet, we do. why? it is NOT for the “Money”.. it IS for THE CUSTOMERS. and the LOVE of what we DO. yes, we BOTH will say. “next year will be different”. but we both will GIVE to THEM.. our customers. our friends. because. THIS is WHAT WE DO. we MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. and yes. SMILE. and i KNOW you ARE smiling. for WHAT WE GAVE that NOBODY truly ya.kathi

  2. Bethany
    December 18, 2008

    I love the quilted feet! So glad you have all this done.

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