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Me? Write a book?

The next quilt is still on the machine. I worked almost 12 hours on it yesterday. I hope to finish the quilting by the end of today.

Over the years I’ve started writing several books. I have a whole stack of uncompleted manuscripts. I sometimes do come up with very cleaver ideas for books. I love to write even though my grammer or spelling aren’t always so great. I love sharing with others my creative ideas. I especially love writing about frugal things a person can do to save money.
The very first two books I started writing many, many years ago were about how to live (survive) having the utilities turned off every summer. At the time I was writing them, I knew lots of people who were in the same situation as me. It was in the 1970s. One book was about how to do everyday chores without power and the other was about how to cook frugally. Feeding a family of 6 with only 20 dollars a week.
The next book I started writing was about container gardening with recycled stuff. Then there were several books I tried writing back in the very early days of machine quilting. I wanted to share what I had learned by trial and error.
I even tried to write my family history so I could leave it for my kids. I still work on this a little every year or so.
The trouble with me writing a book is that time passes. I keep a very busy quilting schedule (as you have seen) and it leaves me with very little time for anything else. I try to write whenever I get a small window of time; but, before I can complete a book…. its already done by someone else or its no longer needed.
When I first learned about blogging I loved the idea! I started right away. The reason I started writing my first blog was to be a simple journal for my decendants to read someday. Then I realized I had instant publication of whatever I write about and instant readers who are interested. No going through a process of submitting to publishers. No rejection letters either. I did some research several years ago about self-publishing. Cleaver ideas and very possible but I needed complete books to self-publish. The second blog was started when I recognized signs the economy was going to start tumbling down much as it had in the 1970s.
Recently I’ve seen a need once again for some of my books to be completed. It was the economy that started me writing back in the 1970s. The economy of today is creating a need for what I can share. I see many newly poor looking for ways to survive until the economy picks up again.
So…. when, when, when, can I find time for dedicated writing to complete a book?
If I stop quilting long enough to finish writing a book…. how will I pay the bills? What would I tell all the customers who are on the waiting list for the rest of this year? Hmmm…. how do stuggling artists keep the bills paid until their work gets sold?
I tried once to talk with a financial planner about how I could manage my money while becoming an artist. No one wanted to talk to me for free. Their fees were more than I could pay for a “possible” solution. At the time, I think all I really needed was feedback from somone because the four walls were not coming up with any clever solutions.
My machine quilting schedule always gets in the way of me becoming a true artist. Whether a writer, a crafter, a portrait artist, or any other desire…. I’m forced to set my ideas aside so the quilting can get done. Speaking of this…. the machine is calling my name. It’s time I get in there and finish that quilt.

2 comments on “Me? Write a book?

  1. kathi
    March 4, 2009

    You and I share the same quandry. So many things we WANT to do, but so many other things we are obligated and MUST do. Time also keeps running away from us at an extreme pace. I USED to have Sunday as ME day. Somehow even that has gone by the wayside. YOU NEED to write that book. NOW before someone else writes it. again. Somehow you must eek out a bit each day? Or a day a week? You have to set aside a TIME CHUNK and make sure you KEEP IT for the BOOK.

  2. Quiltin' LibraryLady
    March 3, 2009

    Are the borders on that quilt actually pleated or did you have to do that because of fullness? I'm afraid I would have returned it to the maker & asked them to fix it before quilting. I recently had a lady call me to quilt a baby quilt & the backing was the exact same size as the quilt top. When I told her my price & that the back would need to be made bigger she no longer needed me to do it. No loss, the time involved was worth more than the price I quoted.

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