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It wasn’t too bad

My doctor appointment was at 8:30. I was there at 8:15. I sat in the waiting room until 11:00. Was called to sit in the exam room. I sat there until 12:20. Doctor came in and was there for about 10 minutes. I was given some new prescriptions and sent to the lab. I was out of there by 12:50. Prescriptions are filled at the pharmacy in the building but wouldn’t be ready until 2:00. I decided to visit the thrift store across the street while I waited.

I ended up getting two pairs of summer pants, two shirts, a roasting pot, and a set of coffee cups for my daughter. I realized when I was at my daughter’s house last weekend that she didn’t have any coffee cups for my coffee. It’s just not right to drink coffee from a glass…. know what I mean? I had thought I might find a mug or two but this was a really lucky find. These match her dishes perfectly. I do love the blue enamel ware cooking pots. I wish I could find more of them at the thrift store but either people don’t donate them or I’m just not there at the right time.

I realized a few weeks (or was it months) ago that my clothing was starting to look a bit ragged. I rarely think of buying myself clothes. As long as my clothes are clean and my body is covered, I don’t pay much attention to what I’m wearing. Maybe because I’m not much for simply “looking” while shopping. I like to get in then get out of stores as quickly as possible. Unless of course I’m looking at fabrics or the latest quilting gadgets.

Another thing that bothers me is that when I buy brand new clothing they fit somewhat ok until I wash them. I don’t like paying good money for something I will only get to wear once before it shrinks or goes wonky. At least by getting things from the thrift store they have already been washed. I don’t have to worry about shrinking or wonky looking clothes. I do wash them again before I will wear them.

When I got home I found a message from Bethany (a blog reader) explaining how to fix this problem star quilt with the small center. Thank you Bethany! I can’t work on it this weekend but hopefully I can get it done this coming week.

Some people would say…. why bother to fix it? Well it’s like this. Memory quilts are especially dear to my heart. There is just something about them that compels me to finish them for the one who has passed away. I also enjoy the look on the face of the loved one when they see it finished for the first time. Many get tears in their eyes which really fills my heart with pride. Not for myself; but, for the one who didn’t finish the quilt before it was too late. At last it is finished and there to be enjoyed by those left behind. This is when I can almost hear an angel whisper in my ear….. thank you.

My brother should be here pretty soon to pick me up. We are visiting cemetaries where my sons, my husband, and our father are buried. The first cemetary where one of my sons and my husband is buried is a little over two hours away so that’s the first one we will go to. We will make a circle to the other cemetaries before heading back here. It should be a very pleasant, although sad, day.


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