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It wasn’t difficult to do. It just took more time than I thought. Not from the quilting but from the interruptions. Pleasant interruptions though. I’ve had some quilt tops dropped off to be quilted and a couple picked up. These are occasions to visit. So though there were interruptions, I enjoyed them all.

This is a view of the completed quilt.

I have a hard time getting good pictures on cloudy days. We’ve had a lot of clouds and rain lately. I did a flower in the center pieces of the blocks.

I did a leaf vine design on the pieces around the block. I treated them as if they were sashing. Going from the corner to the middle is usually the way but these are a little different. One side has a longer vine and the other has a shorter one. The vine is worked opposite on the other side. I hope you can see that in the picture.

I did a simple swag design on the outside border and a loop design on the inside border.

What’s up with customer service lately? I went to one of the local Hancock Fabrics to take advantage of a thread sale. I should have known better!! Actually, I hate the local Hancock stores but its the only place where I can purchase the thread that works best on my machine.
Anyway, they were sold out of the colors I wanted to buy. Naturally! Sale stuff is rarely in stock at the time of a sale. So I asked for a rain check. Can you believe it? They wanted me to PAY for a rain check. Geeze! I think that’s going a little too far.
When I complained to the manager about having to PAY for a rain check and said I was going to contact the headquarters…. she smiled at me smugly…. wrote out the phone number and handed it to me saying “go right ahead.” It would be different if the sale item was something they don’t normally carry; but thread is always there. You would think knowing I buy lots and lots of thread regularly and the threat of Hancock stores closing all over the country would give them incentive to treat customers better. Evidently not.
There is another store that also has questionable customer service. It’s the Smocking Shop fabric store here. I’ve called several times to purchase two new bobbin cases for my Bernina 1230. Several times over the last week I’ve left my phone number and what I need. I guess the clerks can’t order parts. Only the technician can. She’s always gone and has never returned my calls. I asked if I might call her where she was at? I had to laugh when one of the clerks told me the technician couldn’t be called where she was at because there was no phone yet…… but before I hung up, the clerk said she would call the technician right away to have her call me right back. Huh? If she can’t be reached by phone… how can you call her? I hung up.
I guess it’s a good thing I’m was not purchasing a new very expensive machine because I wouldn’t be able to place the order. Then what if I did buy a new machine and there was a problem with it…. no technician available to help solve the problem. I called a friend that lives in Indianapolis to ask where she takes her Bernina for service. I have a new phone number to call today. Hopefully, I can order the new bobbin cases and a couple of extra screws for them.
I was reading the manual for my mp3 player and it does say it’s WMA compatible. So in theory it should work to get books from any site that has WMA. I think the problem is that most books need lots of memory but this player doesn’t have it. Maybe 2GB is not enough memory to handle books? My daughter is taking it back to exchange for one that is listed on the library sites. She insists on getting me another one. Tells me it was a Mother’s Day gift and she still wants me to have it….. and no arguments from me about it. So I give in.


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  1. Elaine
    May 30, 2009

    Would you mind if I took your flower and used it on one of my customer’s quilts. It’s simple and looks very nice in blocks- especially 4 patch. I haven’t seen your style like that anywhere else, so I don’t want to just copy you without your permission Thank you Elaine

  2. FoulkeArt
    May 28, 2009

    You can add Austin’s to the list of local stores with indifferent service to no service at all.

    With stores having problems these days, you would think that the store’s owner would be interested in paying attention to paying customers.

    I ended up buying what I needed on line, even though I prefer to patronize locally owned stores.

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