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This one won a ribbon! Congratulations Sheila.

This quilt (at least I think it’s this one) won second place in the Southern Comforts Quilt Show in South Carolina. The reason I’m not exactly sure it’s this one is because I did two quilts, for two different ladies, that used the same pattern and very similar fabrics. The lady that made the winning top is Sheila Wright of Bluffton, SC.

She called me about it a couple of days ago but I had to go searching through my blog posts and my photos before I could post about it. If you want to see more of the photos and close ups of it then go back through my blog posts to April. I would put a link here but blogger isn’t cooperating with me on links at the moment.

This is the center of the quilt.

I’m very proud that I could quilt it well enough to win a ribbon for her. I hope it’s the first of many ribbons for the ladies of Bluffton, SC! Hi Ladies!

On another note…. I’m very tired. The all day shopping trip is over and I’m taking a short break before starting to put everything away. I wanted to get off my feet a few minutes. That’s why I’m sitting at the computer.

I scanned through my emails looking at the titles. I didn’t want to open them up to read but I was looking to see if there was anything extremely urgent to answer. I saw an interesting title that got me curious. It seems a reporter from the Courier Journal wants to interview me about my frugal ways. I can’t see that I’m any more frugal than everyone else these days? I guess I’ll find out why she chose me when she calls me. When I find out when the article will be in the paper I’ll let you know.

Ok, my short break is over. Time to put all that STUFF away. I won’t be doing any quilting this weekend. I’ve GOT to get some organizing things done…… for my sanity.


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