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14 quilts and counting

This is the next finished quilt. It should have been done months ago.

It’s a Christmas theme quilt so it got Winter type designs. There are holly leaves in these blocks.

Holly leaves and straight lines on these triangle blocks.
What’s Christmas without bows? That’s not a thread on the block, it’s part of the fabric design.

The nine patch blocks got line dancing.

These solid squares got lines to carry the theme from the triangles with the same fabric.

The inside border got ribbons and bows.

The outside border got mittens.

The outside border corner blocks got bows to carry the theme from the inside blocks.

A view from the back of the mittens.

The holly leaves and lines on the triangle blocks from the back.

The bow blocks from the back.

The line blocks from the back.

The border corner bows from the back.

I did a count of the quilts remaining to finish before I’m finally retired. 14 to be finished. I thought there was fewer than that. How long will it take me to finish? Will it be 1 month? 6 months? Just exactly how long before I will be able to retire and do things for myself?
I really, really wish I could say. My psychic ability to predict the future seems to have failed me. Now really, I should be able to predict the future…. am I right? How many and which days will I be sick or in the hospital before these are finished? How many and which days will I have to deal with my mother? How many and which days will the power be out from storms? How many and which days will my machine act up and need my full attention or replacement parts? How many and which days will there be a death and funeral? What other life happening is in my future?
Hmm…. since my psychic ability has failed me and I can’t predict the future; I guess I have no other recourse than to do things the old fashioned way. Which is….. take one day at a time and do what I can in that day. If I could wave my magic wand, blink my eyes, or twitch my nose to magically get them done I would. I’m just as anxious to finish the remaining quilts as my customers are for me to get them done. I can only say for certain…… that I work as fast as I possibly can and still do the best quilting I’m capable of doing.
My retirement depends on getting these quilts finished and back to the owners. Thank heaven I have customers more interested in having “me” quilt for them than just getting them done. It’s my work they like…. not my speed. Ok, time for me to go catch the bus to the doctor’s office.



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