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11 more to go

The double sided quilt is finished.

There are some tucks in the back but they are not as noticeable as I thought. The busy print on the back makes them hard to see unless you are specifically looking for tucks. Only in a couple of places are the tucks really deep and therefore more noticeable.

This is the feather on the outside border and straight lines of the inside border.

Here is the feather on the setting triangles.

There were two place on the quilt that needed a touch of quilting that didn’t fall in line with the rest of the quilting. I did simple ribbons.

Here is the line dancing done on the blocks.

Another block showing the line dancing. If you look closely, can see that the curves are kind of wavy? This is because of the seams in the pieced back.
The quilting machines are very touchy when it comes to objects in the path. A simple bump in the batting can cause the machine to travel away from the path you are going. Even a tiny batting lump will make a wave in your line. This might seem to be an obstacle to nice quilting but it’s also why the plastic hand held templates work so well for quilting designs. Plastic quilting templates create an artificial bump in the quilting path. Or a deviation from the natural path the machine wants to go. A long plastic template means a long bump in the road. A short template, a short bump in the road. The lumps of the seams on the backing, although not a problem, do cause the hopping foot to move away from the path.
Have you ever tried to do a simple stitch in the ditch around applique but you couldn’t quite stay in the ditch? Do you know why? Well, it’s the seam line that’s turned under when doing the applique. Unless the seam is very smooth underneath it will cause bumps in the hopping foot’s path.
I have the next quilt attached to the machine. I’m hoping to get it stabilized today. Achieving a balance between finishing the quilts and moving things around in preparation for my daughter moving back home is difficult. I’m sure glad I have a few weeks before the big day. I have lots of things to find a new home in my house.
Going from three rooms of stuff to only one room of stuff means I have to be very creative with the organizing. You ever wonder why I call it STUFF? Because it’s lots of big things that I have to STUFF (pack) into a small space. Stuff as in “pack it in there” instead of stuff as “objects”.
Ok, I gotta get to work. First I’m going to have to figure out what’s wrong with my computer today. It freezes up when I’m trying to work with email. I type up nice replies to the messages then try to send them on their way but the computer freezes. Can’t get it to do anything. This is only happening in email. Strange….. very strange.


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  1. Gail
    July 17, 2009

    Anita, the quilt is beautiful. Thank you for answering my question on list and for sharing your blog. Can you tell me about preparing the back quilt, so that it is bigger then the top quilt. Someone suggested just making the back quilt larger then trim it but of course alot depends on the pattern, any suggestion will be much appreciated. I have a blog also but am afraid I have been very neglectful with it, my email is galynn92347 AT yahoo Dot com or comment on my blog. Thank you so very much.

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