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9 and 1/2 to go?

Awww…. gee whiz…. just when I thought I was going to make ends meet…. somebody done gone and moved the ends.

My washer and my dryer have died. The dryer a couple of weeks ago. The washer today. Hmm, I can honestly say I did get my money’s worth out of them. I paid $50 each about 9 years ago. Bought them at a yard sale.

I was all set to wash a bunch of winter clothes and store them away. Then I was going to wash a bunch of neckties to be used in 3 memory quilts. My washer said… no way and proceeded to burn up it’s motor. Luckily, it didn’t catch on fire. It just filled the house up with a LOT of smoke. Now I have to figure out what to do about a washer. Right after I hand wring out all the water from the clothes that are still in there.

Well anyway, this quilt is finished. It’s a small one.

I did a feather design on all the corners. I think this is going to be a cushion cover. I’m guessing because of the cut out corners.

I wanted to try some faux trapunto and this was a simple design.
This looks a little more complicated but wasn’t difficult.

I did simple lines on the blue area. I started to do more feathers but the first ones (on the corners) didn’t show up so I switched.

This quilt is back on the machine. I had stabilized it then took it off the machine so I could talk to the owner about it. I tried to convince the owner that she might want to fix the pictures before I finish quilting it. No, she wants it quilted like it is even if the photos don’t stay on there. I’m not quilting the photos…. but they are peeling off already. It’s a lot of money to put into a quilt that won’t last long enough to get dirty. Ok, she’s the owner and knows what she wants…. so that’s what I’m gonna do. I think I’ll do some pretty designs so that it will still look nice after the pictures peel off.

I spent most of today cleaning out my bedroom closet. Doing some spring cleaning I couldn’t get done earlier this year as well as starting to ready stuff for winter. I figure if I start the fall stuff now, I might get it done just in time for winter.


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