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7 to go

This issue quilt is finished. You can see in the picture that there is still some extra fabric in places. This will relax when the quilt is washed and you will hardly be able to tell where it is.

This is what the sashing and corner stones looks like when finished.

This is the sashing before quilting.

Here I’ve quilted one direction from the corner stone.

Here I’ve quilted from the other direction from the corner stone. Where the design meets in the middle is where the extra fullness is still apparent.

This is the corner stone before quilting.

This is the corner stone after quilting.

I’m quilting along, checking the back with my hand as I go. Then I notice this. Hmm…. need to fix it before I go farther with the quilting.
So I do an invisible stitch to close it up. This is also called ladder stitching. It’s what is done in upholstery work to close up seams.

So here is the finished sashing and corner stones.

Another look at the finished block.

As soon as this quilt came off the machine I was trying to decide what to do next. I realized that my fair entries need to be dropped off this weekend. OH MY GOSH! I haven’t even started my entry in the rug category. So I took some time to make a rug. Here are two pictures of it. I’m not sure which picture shows up best. This one is with flash.

This picture looks darker. Without flash.

I would have made the rug larger but I ran out of cording rope. I really like this type of rug making. I need to find a source for large quantities of rope, either online or local, if I’m going to make more of these.

One comment on “7 to go

  1. Susan Rizzi
    August 13, 2009

    You really do beautifull quilting. How do you make the rugs? I can't believe you made a rug so fast.
    Susan R.

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