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Deadline quilt done

It seems like forever since I wrote a post but it’s only been a few days. I was working along on a quilt when I got a phone call about another quilt. It had a deadline of Saturday so it could be taken to be photographed on Monday. I had completely forgotten about the deadline with so many things going on around here. So off came the one I was working on and this one went onto the machine.

It’s a sampler type quilt. These look very pretty but create a delima for the quilter. We need to create designs for every different block while at the same time making sure they all coordinate with each other.

Here’s the inside border design.

A long narrow block and a view of the inside borders.
I did line dancing in the center, cross hatched lines on the long strips, simple line on the other long strips.
Another block with line dancing and simple lines.

Flowers on some of the block pieces.

A different block with line dancing.

Tulip block with leaves, flowers, and curls.

The filler pieces got the same design in different sizes.
Triangles often give me pause on how to quilt the area.

A few straight lines to balance out all the curvy ones.

Piano key border got some feathers.

Another block with a combination of line dancing and a curly leaf.

Flying geese (naturally more triangles) got a feather design and a swirling wind background.

Another view of the inside borders. I need to practice my circle design.
Another look at the border design.

The quilt was picked up as soon as I said it was finished. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the back.
I’ve also been sorting quilting things and putting into boxes to make it easier for the floor guys to move things around. Somehow I just don’t believe floor guys will be careful with quilting stuff. Better that they move boxes than try to keep fabrics and books and gadgets in the right order. I got the check from the insurance company, made out to the floor guys. I just need to sign it and hand it over when the job is done. Hopefully, the floor will go in soon. Still, it means more quilting delay. It will probably take them two or three days to complete the job.


I’m working on a project (not quilt related) to post on my helpful hints blog. I should get it done today and I love the idea. It goes right along with getting my new floors installed. How to clean them easily and frugally. I best get started on it.

2 comments on “Deadline quilt done

  1. RNMOM502
    September 21, 2009

    Hmmm, 3:10am. I guess I wasn't the only one up at that hour. I absolutely love this quilt. It uses my favorite fabrics, and the quilting is fantastic. When I looked at it I wished I could have gently run my hand over it. I guess that's an urge all we quilters have.

  2. FoulkeArt
    September 20, 2009

    That's beautiful quilting! Hope the owner appreciates all your custom work!
    As my friend says, “Compliment me with cash!”

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