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Don’t spend… don’t spend!

Not long ago, I was contacted by an online company about doing a free give away item. At first I thought what a great idea. I can give my readers a chance to get an expensive gift from me. After a lot of thinking about it, I decided not to do a free give away. The idea of a give away is to take part in sending reader traffic to another website with the intentions that others will buy a product from that company. This goes against the purpose of me writing this blog. This blog is about ways to NOT spend money. It would defeat the reason I continue to tell others what I do that keeps me within my budget.

Our nation has become far too “spend, spend, spend, buy, buy, buy” oriented. How on earth are people supposed to spend money or buy things without jobs? The big companies take the jobs overseas then expect us to support those companies by spending money we can’t earn because our jobs are gone.

When I was a child (during times I spent at my grandparent’s farm in the country) we would go to town on Saturday and sit in chairs around the court house square socializing. Men would be whittling toys from sticks while women would be doing handwork crafts. The time around the town square would be during a break from selling the eggs or getting a supply of coffee and flour. Men would talk about crops and farming while women planned quilt bees or baby gift baskets for an expectant mother.

For heavens sake, the mega malls have become the new town square. Instead of sitting around the court house socializing, people now meet in the mega mall to find new ways to spend money. They even have camp outs for kids and amusement parks in mega malls these days. (gotta train the kids early that spending is the way of life) As if the mega mall wasn’t enough; there are mega flea markets; home, boat, and recreation mega markets; all held at state fair grounds to hold the crowds. Heck, there are quilt shows held every month someplace with hundreds of vendors where you can spend your money.

Just have a think or two about all the places you go these days. Isn’t almost everything orientated around spending money? The Internet is one big giant place to spend money! Even churches are in on it. While under the cover of being a non-profit; they own for-profit property, businesses, and stuff.

I digress…. back to the purpose of this blog. If you notice I have not monetized my blogs. I could easily add this feature and you would see little advertising blocks on the side bar. Each time someone clicked on one of them I could earn some money. I don’t want to do that. My blog is about getting by on very little money…. not about enticing you to spend money you may not have in your budget to spend. (looking over my shoulder cautiously) Maybe I shouldn’t tell that in a public blog. The spend, spend, spend police might be coming for me.

My blog is about how to get groceries and other items at the least cost possible.

Watching the bottom line of the receipts get smaller and smaller.

While filling up the freezer to last as long as possible.

My blog is about making things you need with what you can find that’s as close to free as possible.

My blog is about not wasting anything….. like making my own hot pockets from 4 tablespoons of left overs and 4 slices of bread instead of feeding the landfill with it.

My blog is about using up the last tiny bits of things instead of throwing it away. Like this thread when it’s too little to use on the quilting machine. I call these bits “bobbin fillers”. Usually it’s just enough left to fill one bobbin.

While making money from my blog is tempting, I will resist. I want to keep my blog going with the sharing of ideas for “waste not, want not” and “use what you have”. So please read my blog without commercial interuptions and share what you learn with anyone that is interested.

2 comments on “Don’t spend… don’t spend!

  1. Patriotgal
    November 15, 2009

    We tend to think along the same lines. Just the other day I was thinking about paper towels and how much money I seem to spend on them. Then I started thinking about how I used to use rags instead of paper towels, and wondered when I started being so wasteful!

    So, that's where I'm starting my “back to the simpler life” journey – I'm going to reduce my dependence on paper towels and go back to using rags. 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    October 5, 2009

    Thank you. I do enjoy reading anbd appreciate your common sense, non materialistic, take only what you need approach to living. Enjoy.

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