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New art quilt

I drew this little quilt design about this time last year. I came across it while cleaning out stuff. I decided it should be put onto my design wall as inspiration. As I start sorting fabric in the next few days I’ll pick out fabrics I believe should be used to make it. I’ll put them all together to form a kit for when I can work on it. I can’t remember why I didn’t make the kit when I first drew it. Probably because I didn’t have the right fabrics handy.

The hearts have gone to the church to be auctioned. You can see them on the church website here in a couple of days. Be sure to check out the other artists hearts too. My favorite is Marilyn Foulke’s love bird. The whimsey of the piece appeals to me. What’s your favorite?

Hmm… I forgot to sign the hearts. I plan to go to the auction so maybe I can sign then. Providing of course that nothing happens to keep me from going. Oh my, what should I wear? I’ve never been to an art auction before. Raggedy pants and tennis shoes won’t do. I’m sure I have some nice clothes someplace in this house. Just have to find them.

Creating something for charity always gets me inspired to work…. not just quilting. A really great pick me up when I’m feeling blue. A sort of energy boost to help me with other things. I can’t afford to do charity work all the time but it sure does feel good now and then.

My daughter and I were talking about my desire to create art. My kind of art. There are a lot of things I need to figure out before starting but may have to just wing it as I go. It’s much easier to figure out how to price a bed quilt than it is to price a piece of textile art. Do I start off with lower prices because I’m a beginner or should I go for what I would like to earn on each piece? If I price a piece, and it doesn’t sell, I don’t mind keeping it. Do I create a website to sell my work or try for an art gallery?

I will need lots of fabric to create textile art. I have the fabric but where will I store it all now that my daughter and grand are moving in here? I’m trying to scale down the amount of stuff so there is room for their stuff while at the same time starting a new career. Such a delima! What I really need is a separate building for creating and storing. I don’t have one so we will have to make do.

How do I get over being intimidated by established and serious artists? Its odd that I can quilt for serious artists while at the same time don’t feel worthy of seeing my work beside theirs in a show. I can listen to an artist talk about the textile art they bring me to quilt and immediately see in my minds eye the quilting look they want. The thought of my own work hanging next to the same art I quilt sends chills down my spine. Yes, I know this is crazy but it’s what happens to me.

There is way too much to think about for now. I told my daughter that all I want to do right now is create. I’ll worry about selling later….. much later. Oh heck, there is plenty of work just putting the house back in order.

One comment on “New art quilt

  1. FoulkeArt
    November 2, 2009

    You definitely do not need to be intimidated by anybody!

    Tom loved your hearts and your quilt…
    I'm sure everyone else will, too…

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