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New year at last

I’ve heard it said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day will be the dominate feature of your life for the rest of the year. I sure hope that’s not true!

I spent New Year’s Day in the hospital. I had severe bronchitis…. AGAIN. I went to the hospital not long after writing my last post. Not a fun thing to do, spend a birthday on my back surrounded by nurses. I have several prescriptions and appointments scheduled at the clinic. I do wish I could take the flu and pneumonia shots but I’m allergic to them. The last time I took a flu shot I was unconscious and in an ambulance within 30 minutes. I don’t want that to happen again…. ever. I must be extra careful not to get near sick people when flu and viruses are going around. It’s not going to be easy when Ladybug goes to daycare where these things get passed back and forth among kids all the time.

Today I want to get back into the swing of life…. not lay around resting all day. Ok, I’ll rest most of the day but also a little work. Maybe looking around and getting more lists together. Or admiring fabrics and looking through quilt books. Simple tasks that won’t take much physical strength only plenty of mental strength.

I do want to get back into the quilting. Before I can start creating quilts again I must first figure out what fabrics I have and then what I want to create from them. So many fabrics got donated as I trimmed down to make room for my daughter and Ladybug that I can’t remember exactly what I have left.

I really want to put more art in my quilts. Just what type art? I’m not sure. Maybe this will be a journey of an art quilter? Will I make it and become a real (known) artist? Who knows, who cares…. it’s the journey that’s exciting. I’m going to be creating to make myself happy and no one else. If something sells along the way… fine, if not…. I can enjoy it anyway.

It just occurred to me this morning (even though I already knew it) that I don’t have any more deadlines… whoo hooo! No more rush to get back to quilting after the holidays. No waiting list of 30 or 40 people waiting for me to jump right in and quilt their quilts. It’s fantastic! I would rather have 5 or 6 really good friends to quilt for than a 100 strangers expecting me to finish them all at the same time.

Ok, I’m getting off the ocmputer and start doing something for awhile before the meds put me to sleep again. Thank you to all who missed me and sent be good wishes!



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