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A stay at home retreat day

I worked on the memory quilt for quite a while yesterday. It may not look like it but there are quite a few rough cut blocks in this stack. I have them prepared for the hand stitching of some parts. I’ll show those as I get them finished.

When I’m working on something like that quilt my mind can’t keep quiet. The ideas seem to flood through so I keep a pad and pencil handy for making sketches or writing notes. It also happens when I’m searching through quilt books for a quilt that I remember seeing…. just not which book. Yesterday I was looking for a quilt pattern my SIL wanted to make for her first great-grand. The shower is in a couple of weeks. Needless to say my SIL once again waited until the last minute to work on them. Sigh…..

Oh well, I can’t trade her in for another, might as well work with her as she is. (wink) Today we will work on her quilts and see how far along we get. Might as well treat it as a stay at home retreat. My daughter is going out of town on business this weekend so I won’t get much work done. Ladybug won’t let me.
The thought of an out of town business trip isn’t so bad anymore. I’m just grateful my daughter isn’t one of the people being let go at Humana. Soooo many people loosing their jobs. It’s very sad. No way can anyone convince me the economy is getting better when there are still hundreds of people loosing jobs and homes. Ok, before I get myself in a bad mood, I’m heading for the studio to prepare for a long day of quilt piecing.

One comment on “A stay at home retreat day

  1. lw
    February 20, 2010

    Are you using the shirt and hat as shown? I can't picture how that would work.

    The colors of your SIL's baby quilt are pretty, but I'm having trouble figuring out what that will look like, too.

    I loved the star quilt, and I saw on the other blog how wonky that one block got– 1″ difference on a side. Reminds me of my early quilts. I'm finishing some of my 15 year old tops and I think the issues will be a good learning experience…when I stop wondering, “What was I thinking?!!?”

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