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About the memory quilt

I realized I forgot to say that the Mommie is out of town this weekend. She won’t be back until very late Monday night. That’s why Ladybug and I are together for the whole time this weekend.

I was asked about the hat in the memory quilt. Yes, I’m using it like this. The mother who lost her son requested it be included if it could be. I took it apart and removed the hard insert and the back of the bib. I’ll remove the threads when I applique it down by hand. Of course I can’t quilt over the hat. It’s way too thick. What I will do is quilt around it. I rarely ever do any hand work on quilts. The exception is for memory quilts. Memory quilts are precious to me. They give me a sense of great satisfaction to create. When I create memory quilts, it’s like I hear an angel whisper in my ear telling me how the quilt should be made.

Included in this memory quilt are a few shirts that I’m leaving the collars on too. I cut out the back and layered it (right side up) so the block will come out with 4 corners. When the hand work is finished I’ll cut out the excess on the back. I use a very strong thread, (used for coat buttons) so the pieces will remain if the quilt is ever washed.

This will also be included in the quilt. It’s a part of his blankie that his mother saved all these years.

When I create memory quilts it’s like I hear an angel whisper in my ear telling me how the quilt should be made. I do sometimes have trouble thinking of “how” something should be added but it never bothers me for very long. Somehow the angel whispers the answer. I’ve used sport coats, ball gowns, graduation tassels, underwear, socks, pajamas, sweaters, and lots of different things in memory quilts. If it can be sewn…. I can put it in a memory quilt.

Oh oh, Ladybug is awake and wanting her breakfast…..


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