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Playing — what’s in the box?

I do have another quilt finished.  I’ll show it in a minute.  I woke to thunderstorms yesterday.  Lots of lightening!  During a storm I stay away from anything electrical.  Couldn’t get on the quilting machine or the computer so I started playing…. what’s in the box.  I wasn’t trying to organize or sort.  All I was doing is re-familiarizing myself with the stuff I have stored away in boxes under the bed and stacked in the closets.  This is one of the boxes I opened.  What is it?
It’s powdered dye and various other stuff for playing around with the dyes.  Oooo…. perfect!  Finding this is right on time for me to try a new art quilt technique.  IF…. IF I can locate and buy the rest of the materials I need and schedule TIME for dyeing fabrics.  These dyes were given to me a couple of years ago… hmm… maybe much longer than that.  Time has a way of fooling me as the years slip away so quickly.
I know I need soda ash to prepare fabric for dyeing.  But what is soda ash?  I thought maybe it was washing soda.  I emailed Melody Johnson (a well known fabric dyer and artist) to ask where it can be bought.  She must have been sitting at her computer because I got an almost instant reply.  I’m glad I asked instead of just winging it.  Now I have soda ash on my grocery list for this week.  I’ll make a side trip to Walmart to buy it…. from the pool supply area of all places.  I need something called PH up.  I also need some plastic bottles.  The ones I have won’t work.  Too small.
Ok, here’s the latest quilt finished.
The quilting really doesn’t show up well on the outside border so I did a square design to give texture.  I call them city blocks.
I did a fluer d lis design on the first inside border.
I did line dancing on the second inside border.
I meandered around the applique of the center area to make them pop out.

Today I have another quilt on the machine…. it’s calling me right now.  Can you hear it?  It’s saying…. me! me! quilt me! quilt me! quilt me today!    Gosh… quilts can be soooo impatient sometimes.



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