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Moving right along

I have the next quilt stabilized.  I think it will take about 3 days to complete.  I had a hard time deciding on a border design.  I have one chosen now and plan to work on it today. 
I also started writing some posts for my cardboard furniture.  This is the first piece.  It’s a breakfast bar.

I’m writing the posts in draft for now.  This will give me opportunity to rewrite before actually publishing.  I think I should start a new blog just for the cardboard furniture before I actually start publishing.  I simply can’t figure out a good catchy name for it.  I was thinking maybe…. “Anita’s paper boards” or “Cardboard is free!” ?  I hope to have a meme that’s unique and explains the blog at the same time.  I think of a blog name similar to that of a book title.  Sometimes the title is what draws a reader to read the book.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 


This entry was posted on June 17, 2010 by in Journey 2010.

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