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This quilt finished

I have another quilt done.  I had hoped to return to the fair but a promise is a promise.  I had promised this customer I would do my best to have her quilts done by the end of August.  I let time get away from me because I under estimated the amount of time required to get them finished.  I have two more to get done too.  One is on the machine waiting to be stabilized today.
I did a line dancing on the squares.  It looks kind of like an agitated star because of the inside points.  I hope you can see it clearly.

I did footballs and loops on the border.
I did more loops on the inside border to carry on the design.
I did an outline around the machine embroidery designs and meandering in the background.
College classes start for my daughter in a few days.  Looks like Ladybug will be staying with me 4 nights a week for awhile.  My daughter will pick her up from daycare, bring her here, and head for class.  Class is over at 10 and it would be around 10:30 by the time my daughter could get here to pick up Ladybug.  Around 11 when they arrive home.  It’s better if Ladybug is left to get a good night’s sleep and shorten the time it takes my daughter to arrive home so late at night. 
This means I have some things to get finished before classes start.  I’m so used to “doing my own thing” in the late evening now.  I need to rearrange my working times.  I can do a lot of my own stuff on the weekends when I’m alone.  Hmm…. I should get some prepared foods made and put into the freezer. 
I did get back to the fair on Saturday when I went with my daughter and Ladybug.  I didn’t get anywhere near the quilts.  We did things for little kids.  Went the the baby animal section, looked at fish in tanks, ate junk food, went to the Kidz shows, looked at doll houses, ate junk food, let Ladybug ride the rides, went fishing with plastic hooks to catch plastic fish, ate junk food, watched a group of kids perform dances, ate junk food, talked with Freddy (fair character), ate more junk food, and really had a great time watching Ladybug take in all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the fair. 


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