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Two more quilted

This one got finished first.  I had a bit of trouble thinking of what to quilt on it.  It’s golf themed so I tried doing golf balls and tees.  Those didn’t come out looking like what they were supposed to be.  I switched to tried and true designs for masculine quilts.
Flying geese on the inside border and line dancing on the pieced squares.
Loops can pass for golf balls flying around all over the place on the snow ball blocks.
Repeat the design on the inside border to carry the design.  More flying geese on the outside border to also carry the design through the quilt.
This one is also finished.  It was a tough one.  It has never seen an iron.  I had to fight with it a bit until I got it conquered and somewhat square.  I’m glad I’m not the one going to be putting a binding on it.  Whew.


The customer wanted stars on it.  The loops were to help me tame it.
View of another section.

This quilt started out like this.


It has more than it’s fair share of issues which is why it needed the loops.  Loops mean I can skip around the difficult issues without damaging it or my machine…. or my dignity.
The star centers are not pieced, they are very loosely appliqued.  Many were coming loose or were not sewn in the first place.  Hmm…. I mean sewn but did not get attached as the needle went through.
Majority of the stars looked like this one.  I’ve said it before and it bears repeating as many times as required…… to improve your piecing, learn to iron.  Every time a seam is sewn, iron it before sewing the next seam.  Pressing the seams show where there is a problem.  Don’t just continue to sew and compound the errors.  If you start off right, press at every step, and fix problems as they occur, you can make a perfect quilt every time.  So let me repeat it again….. if you want to create a perfect quilt, learn to iron every seam as it is sewn.
I have one more quilt to finish for this year.  Yippie!  This means I still have time for some ME projects.  I’m going to work on the one remaining quilt starting Monday.  The rest of today and tomorrow is for some major house keeping in the studio.  The dust bunnies have been very frolicked lately.  They’ve multiplied just like bunnies do.   It’s time to weed out the dust bunny herd and donate a few to the land fill.

One comment on “Two more quilted

  1. lw
    November 20, 2010

    Interesting notes on the star quilt; I can see where the loops were needed. I agree with the pressing part.

    I like the golf quilt; nice colors and the quilting works well with the theme.

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