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Doing first portrait

I put the next quilt on the machine and then stabilized it.  Rather than start quilting it, I decided to play around with my first portrait quilt for a bit first.  I go to print out the patterns for final corrections before enlarging them to the size I want for my quilt.   CRAP!  The printer doesn’t print right.  I print it again.  Nope, doesn’t do any better.  I think maybe it’s out of ink so I change both color and black cartridges.  CRAP!  Still doesn’t print right.  I try a few more prints.  Still doesn’t print right.  There’s large missing spots on the patterns.  CRAP!  What do I do now?  I check everything I know to do to the printer but still can’t make it print right.
Well, I felt I just HAD to work with at least one portrait to see how it looks when done.  I’ve studied and studied for this.  My first finished portrait would be like the final exam to show I learned everything after all.  So I used the last set of correction patterns I had printed before the printer crapped out on me.  I knew the portrait pattern was much too small but it was something to work with.  Here’s what I did.
This portrait is really small with very tiny pieces.  She’s 5″ x 7″ and reversed from the way she should be.  I had planned on using the smaller detail pieces in the final pattern because I knew I wanted to make her into a large wall quilt.  Small pieces, when enlarged, give more detail.  I want to make her around 20″ by 28″.  Using the extra detail in a very small quilt like this doesn’t work.  They look like tiny dots in the fabric instead of part of the portrait.  Those are very hard to cut out too.
I used browns, tans, and rust color fabrics to play.  Those would not be my fabric choices for a final quilt.
That’s all I can do with this one until I either figure out what’s wrong with my printer or get a new one.  I’ll start making the patterns for the other portrait quilts.  I’ll do what I’m able to do on the computer, ready for the first printing, which would save a small bit of time.
This technique is exactly what I was looking for!  I’m so glad I finally got the chance to take the class.  If anyone is interested in learning to do portrait quilts check out Margaret’s site.  Even if you don’t plan to make portraits check out her site anyway.  She also makes and sells fun quilt patterns she calls puzzle quilts.   I often visit her site just to watch the video poetry or drool over her portrait quilts.

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  1. Anonymous
    March 12, 2011

    Wow!! I'm so excited to see your portrait quilt!! You did a wonderful job of creating your very own custom pattern! Can't wait to see the larger one!! Margaret Bucklew

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