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Now where was I?

Sometimes its easy for me to loose track of what I’ve done and what I should be doing.  For several days, every time I wanted to get on the internet to answer emails or to write a post, this would happen.  I don’t use anything electrical during a storm.   I think we are pretty darn lucky that we didn’t have damage in this area like those who live in other states.  I see the reports on tv and my heart goes out to all of them.
In between dodging storms, worrying about flooding, and dealing with my neighbor, I got a last minute ticket to ride the tour bus to Paducah.  It was a one day tour.  Someone couldn’t go so the ticket was given to me.  Paducah was also dealing with flood and storm issues but our trip was somehow managed in between storms.  It was raining when we arrived, cleared up during the day, then started raining again as we left.
The flood issue was different.  The show was moved to different places around town.  Classes were held in a couple of churches, vendors were moved to different locations, and so forth.  This photo is inside the big white tent where normally there would be only vendors.  This year it held vendors plus the quilt show plus lots of people trying to get out of the morning rain.  The convention center where the show is usually held was completely under water.  It was very, very crowded in this tent so it was difficult to see the quilts.  It was also quite scary to me.  Why?
Well, the big white tent was setting next to the flood wall.  I was told the flood water was at the very top of the wall.  I’m not sure but I believe the flood wall is about 30 feet high.  In a couple of places I could see a little water coming under the metal gates that connect the wall.   I kept thinking “what if the gates should fail?” so I got my behind away from there.  I can see the quilts another time.
Getting around to all the relocated vendor spots was difficult.  There was many more people riding the shuttle buses because of the distance to the locations.  It was an hour or more wait time for shuttles going to the farther spots or to get to class locations.  I did manage to finally meet a long time internet friend.  I’ve been trying to meet her in person at the Paducah show for several years.  I couldn’t help but tease her a bit by not telling her my last name.  I simply said “I am Anita” then gave her a hint now and then in our conversation.  After about 4 or 5 dropped hints she finally had a look of recognition instead of a look of puzzlement.  I would loved to have stayed and visited with her a long time but with the shuttle situation as it was I had to leave.  It took me almost two hours to get from where she was to the tour bus pick up point.  Had I stayed any longer I would have missed the bus home.  I don’t think they would have actually left me behind but ya never know.
I did manage to get my scissors sharpened by the scissor guy.  I’ve gone to him so many years that he knows me when he sees me.  He always has a smile and a wink when I arrive and greets me by name.  Funny how habits can form friendships.
I bought these at Hancock’s of Paducah.  I wanted a set of browns but those were sold out.  Hmm…. sold out early in the morning on the first day of the show?  There must have been someone there ahead of me looking for the browns.  I can still use these.  I wanted these for doing some portrait quilts…… IF I ever find the time to make them.
Oh yes, I forgot, there is also a finished quilt to show you.  This one began with one side that was either two or three inches longer than the other side.  It is now square.  Hmm…. a half inch difference… but the best I could do.
The outside border I did a leaf and curl design.
The first inside border I did a different leaf and curl design and a simple swag on the second inside border.
I did line dancing on the pieced squares.
Another leaf and curl design on the setting triangles.
One more leaf and curl design on the solid squares.
Here is the longer side border that I tucked to resemble a pieced border.  You can see that it does show but looks much better than it would if I had simply left it quilted with all those little tucks.
I’m hoping to get more work accomplished….. if….. if…. the weather clears up, the neighbors behave themselves, the machine acts right,…. well you know what I mean.


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