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Derby finally over

I hope everyone is having a really nice Mother’s Day today.  My daughter and I celebrated on Thursday because she was going out of town for the weekend. 
 Let me show you the next finished quilt.  This might look like a repeat of one I finished back in March.  It is.  Except for the outside border it’s just like that one.  There is one more just like these two to be done.
I’m using the same designs as before.  Holly leaves in the corners.

Holly on the outside border.

Holly on the inside border.

Outline the characters and a swag design around it.

Line dancing on the star blocks with a flower in the center.

This is the next quilt on the machine.  I’m getting it stabilized but I’m was kind of stumped what design to quilt on it.  I called the owner and she is ok with simple designs because it’s for a child to wag and drag around the house.

The Kentucky Derby is finally over.  There was lots and lots of partying going on last night.  Storms came through early this morning and most people went indoors.  It’s very quiet on the streets right now.  Thank you Mother Nature!  It’s very difficult to sleep with dozens of motorcycles racing up and down the street constantly all night and cars with thumping music going by.  Honestly, all the music and motorcycles rattle the windows of my house.  Sometimes feels like an earthquake.  By early afternoon today many people will be leaving and heading for home or for Indianapolis where the next party place is.
I think I’ll go get some quilting done while it’s quiet. 


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