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Rippling edge

I was asked how to handle the edge when you are tack stitching it but the fabric is pushed along by the presser foot.  Ok, I’m using my Gammill for this but it works for all machines.  One thing you can do is use your hand to keep the fabric from being pushed along. 
Another thing you can do is take a stitch……
move the needle away from the edge…..

move over an inch……

move back to the edge and take a stitch…..

move away from the edge again…..

move over an inch again…..

move back to the edge and take another stitch…… repeat, repeat…..

Each time you move away from the edge and back again it moves the pressure foot away from the part that wants to bunch up.  The thread between stitches will flatten and hold the fabric.  I’m not sure the Voyager machine or any other smaller machine allows you to lessen the pressure foot.  I’m really against making unnecessary changes to the machines anyway.  If if ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Now if the pressure foot causes problems when quilting designs on the quilt then is when it’s time to change it.  Check your owner’s manual to see how that is done.
Sorry about the poor quality of photos.  My batteries were going dead and I didn’t have time to wait for them to charge.  I had to keep working to stabilize this quilt.

One comment on “Rippling edge

  1. Margaret Bucklew
    July 14, 2011

    Thanks Anita! It didn't occur to me to go into the quilt an inch. I use the Voyager and just manually turn needle down, needle up move it and repeat. I would prefer to just sew across but those waves of fabric always appear. Thanks for sharing your help with the ladies from the fabric shop.

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