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Quilting often gives me lots of thinking time.  This morning, as I was working on the next quilt, this was on my mind.

You ever seen those little symbols near the sewer drains?  The ones that are “no plastic”, “no chemicals”, “no trash” and meant to stop people from putting things into the sewer that will kill fish?  They are little pictures with a red circle and an X on them.  I wish I could find a photo on the internet but this will have to do.

“No” symbols

Well anyway, every time I see those symbols it has me wondering about them.  I can’t help but think….. who’s fishing in a sewer?  What kind of fish are they catching?  Who on earth would eat fish caught in a sewer?  Have you ever seen anyone with a fishing pole and a line down in the sewer?

Yeah, quilting time gives me too much thinking time.


9 comments on “Thinking

  1. lw
    September 2, 2011

    Apparently, Japanese scientists are fishing in the sewers for the raw materials to make “steak.” Eeeewww!

    • Na Na
      September 2, 2011

      Ha, ha, ha, giggle, giggle. You’re right! Now I know who’s fishing in the sewers and what they’re catching. Thanks for clearing up the mystery.

  2. kathi
    August 31, 2011

    Who is fishing in a sewer. OH MY .. what a HUGE GIGGLE that gave me. THANKS. yet, we both live in “hard knocks” neighborhoods. Perhaps. SOME DO?? I still can’t figure out WHO EATS a CARP??? THANKS for the Mind boggler today. WHAT a mind picture THAT gave me.

    • Na Na
      September 2, 2011

      A carp? I wouldn’t know either. I had a neighbor that caught a carp and put it into his bathtub until he had time to clean it. The darned thing was still alive the next day…. without any water in the tub. Strangest thing I ever saw. It was like the fish had grown lungs instead of gills.

  3. Na Na
    August 30, 2011

    Giggle, most people missed the actual point of the post. It was really about the odd thoughts of a senior mind. Instead of the real purpose of the signs…… a senior mind thinks…..

    “Who’s putting a fishing line down in the sewer to fish?”

    Next time I’ll work harder to explain myself.

    • kathi
      August 31, 2011

      Oh oh. i guesse i am deffinately a “senior mind”.. I got the mind image immediately. giggle.

  4. Katie
    August 30, 2011

    I think that’s because the water goes back into the water table. Remember when it was common to pour motor oil down the sewer? Ick.

  5. Gail Fines
    August 30, 2011

    They post those signs when the drain opens into a stream instead of the sewer system, or at least that’s why they do it here, to prevent contamination in that stream and down stream as well. Guess they are really storm sewers?

  6. Judy Wolf
    August 30, 2011

    I don’t know if they do it everywhere, but in some places, the sewer water is “recycled” and put into the rivers. When I lived in Kansas City, one of the sewer plants was built next to a sand plant where I worked. They said you would be able to drink the water that came out of the pipe into the river. When I saw the area where the water came out of the pipe, it made me want to purchase bottled water rather than drink our city water. The stench and “accessories” coming out of that pipe would make a person never drink city water again.

    Judy in MO

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